Tips for Playing Fortnite Mobile for Beginners, Guaranteed Your Skill is Getting Pro

Friday, July 12th, 2019 - COLORING

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(Fortnite Colouring Pages Easy ) Following the success of PUBG which has released PUBG Mobile for Android and iOS devices. Epic Games, as the developer of the game Fortnite also released a game for mobile devices, especially Android because this game was released earlier for iOS devices.

Actually, Epic Games has released this game in beta, but for those of you who want to try playing it, you have to register first to get an invitation to play there. But, after waiting long enough, finally, Epic Games officially released Fortnite Mobile Android for various Android devices.

However, because this is a game that has gameplay that is somewhat different from PUBG. For those of you who are beginner players need further adaptation to get used to playing it. Yes, compared to PUBG Mobile which emphasizes fighting between players, in Fortnite you are required to be smarter in attacking your opponent and protecting yourself by building a fort.

In addition, there are various other things that novice players must pay attention to. What are they? Here are tips on playing Fortnite Mobile for beginners to be more pro:

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  1. Learn Maps and Combat Style in Each Region

As usual, before starting to play Fortnite you need to know where to go down and find the location of booting. This is important because it will help you find the weapons needed to win and be able to hunt weapons more calmly without being too threatened by your opponent.

Interestingly, Maps on Fortnite Mobile always fits the one on the PC version. Where there are various types of areas here such as deserts, forests or grasslands that offer different styles of fighting. So, before starting to play, first study the area.

  1. Determine the Best Boot Location

In the battle royale game, the choice of looting location is something that must be considered. Like its competitors, PUBG Mobile, the location of booting at Fortnite Mobile is also usually inside the building. But there is one more thing you can look for is to look for treasure chests because there you can get weapons with higher levels than those often found in ordinary locations.

To find this treasure chest, you must follow the voice of the treasure to find its locations. (Fortnite Colouring Pages Easy)

  1. Know the various buildings and how to make them

Yes, as mentioned earlier, if the gameplay offered by Fortnite is different from PUBG Mobile. Where one of the biggest differences is in Fortnite you are required to master various types of buildings and how to build them. This is not offered by PUBG.

For information, there are 4 types of buildings that you can build, namely stairs, walls, floors, and roofs. Learn how to build it all and its functions so that you don’t get up when the building is needed.

For example, stairs are usually used to climb higher areas and are widely used to attack opponents, while walls are more used to defend or provide protection when we are attacked by an opponent.

  1. Know the Types of Weapons and Style of Games at Fortnite Mobile

At Fortnite, there are many weapons provided by the developer. Where each type of weapon has different play styles. For example, here are some weapons that are not in PUBG Mobile.

One type of weapon that is mostly targeted is Rocket Launcher or RPG. This weapon isn’t there, not on PUBG Mobile? However, because its use is different from rifle weapons. So, know the various types of weapons that you want to take and match your style of play. Don’t let you choose a weapon that you are confused about how to use it.

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  1. Know the Shield and Healing Item

At Fortnite, there are also items to provide protection. If in the PUBG there is a combat helmet and kevlar, in Fortnite you have to look for shield items in the form of liquids that will provide protection namely Shield Potions and Small Shield Potions. Both have the same function, but the difference is for small ones, only can fill your shield up to 50% and the other one up to 100%.

The same is true for healing items, in Fortnite you can use Bandage to fill blood but only up to 75%. There is also a Med Kit that can be used to fill up to 100% more blood.

  1. Don’t Think of Pickaxe Trifle

Don’t consider Pickaxe as an item to collect building materials. Because this tool can be a melee weapon that is very useful for attacking opponents in the early stages of the game when you haven’t got any other weapons at all. In terms of damage, Pickaxe can also be quite useful for defeating opponents.

  1. Take advantage of Spawn Island for Exercise

One way to become a pro player is practice. On fortune, you can use Spawn Island to try various types of controls. You can also change the settings according to your wishes and match before you start entering the actual battle.

  1. Learn from Pro Players

One common way that gamers often do to learn how to play Fortnite Mobile is to watch pro players in this game. You can see them playing on Youtube, Twitch, and various other Livestream game platforms to learn their style of play.

Those are some tips that you can use in playing Fortnite Mobile for beginners. This game offers similar gameplay but has quite a lot of differences compared to the most crowded battle royale games now, namely PUBG Mobile. So, while playing! /Fortnite Colouring Pages Easy

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