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In the Latest Season, Fortnite Players Can Return to the Past

The 10th season of the Epic Games battle royale, Fortnite, has been running for at least a week. In this 10th season, Epic Games brings some gameplay updates, one of which is thematic stories related to time travel.

As the name implies which means the passage of time, Fortnite players can return to the past, fighting in the old area of ​​Dusty Depot which is now replacing Dusty Divot.

Dusty Depot was reportedly not the only legacy location that could be re-visited. Game leaks Fortnite Kleinmike and HypeX found at least five other classic locations embedded in the game code.

These five locations are “Risky Reels”, “Flush Factory”, “Greasy Grove”, “Moisty Mire”, and “Anarchy Acres”. Clue or instructions for the presence of this area can even be found in various directions.

In the Polar Peak area, for example, there are several toilet objects and plumbing indicating the presence of the Flush Factory area, as summarized by KompasTekno from FortniteInsider, Friday (09/08/2019).

if a number of these old areas visit the Fortnite folder, then the area will replace some of the areas that are still in the Fortnite map today.

The desert area in the southern part of the map is likely to be replaced by the Moisty Mire area because the area was previously located in the wilderness area.

Even so, the Fortnite has not confirmed this rumor. It is also unknown when these classic regions will return to the Fortnite game. We wait

(Fortnite New Map In Season 10)  It’s hard not to mention the Fortnite event yesterday as the biggest match ever. Yes, I have my passion for rocket launches, which started this whole idea in Season 4. But this is only on a very different scale, even from last year’s volcanic eruption. We have two catwalks that emit them across a giant map plot, the players hover around and they launch missiles and energy beams before the robot finally destroys the giant sea monster by jabbing a sword the size of a skyscraper through its head and leaving the colossal skeleton above. map. Borrow name, Epic.

However there is something strange about this event, especially in the context of the last few seasons: the two combatants did not destroy the Neo Tilted, left Pleasant Park crater smoking or impacted the map in any way except the sword and skeleton now sitting somewhere in the middle. People have been expecting something more like last season: an apocalyptic event that leveled some maps to make way for next season’s changes. And some of me wonder if there is a reason for that. Is it finally time for a new map?Fortnite New Map In Season 10

At the beginning of the game, the assumption was that Fortnite, like PUBG, would eventually make a second map. After all, it’s just a kind of video game: they make new maps for people to play. The idea of an evolved map began early when developers added interesting points like Tilted Towers, but that didn’t appear until Season 4 when the comet crashed into Dusty Depot and created Dusty Divot, even though it wasn’t active. -screen. This is the format that has been used by the game ever since: not only are maps developing, but developing maps that change based on in-game fiction, tell strange and unreasonable stories in PvP format that aren’t designed to support them.

Fortnite Season10 Season10Map
Fortnite Season10 Season10Map
evolution of the entire fortnite island season 1 10

During the season this map becomes unrecognizable. We have desert biomes, forests and snow-covered hills, castles where there were none before, cliffs where there used to be castles. We have pirate fortresses, sky platforms and expedition camps, lost season relics and a passing season. And all this is loosely related to a crazy story that somehow made it through: a comet that takes visitors who launch rocket carrying rifts that call a cube that lifts an island that does something with butterflies carrying glaciers containing lifted prisoners the volcano where we build mechs that fight monsters with an electricity source that has to do with the cube — etc. A piece of extraordinary feeling, a story that closely resembles a true narrative but cannot be controlled as soon as you try to unite it. Amazing, but a lot.Fortnite New Map In Season 10

10 Fortnite Season 6 Map Updates That Will CHANGE THE GAME
10 Fortnite Season 6 Map Updates That Will CHANGE THE GAME


I think maybe it’s time to start again.

There is a roar on the internet that Season 10 can arrive with a new map. I’m not taking stock in this rumor: Epic has shown what happened to people who leaked the details of the upcoming season and I doubt anyone in that would be so careless today. But maybe it’s time for one: the opportunity to start fresh with new maps and new narratives, new points of interest aren’t burdened with billions of matches played for them. This will be a ton of work for developers, more than four times more than needed to build new ice biomes. But that might be worth it: I can’t think of a better way to regain apostate players than to introduce a new island to explore.Fortnite New Map In Season 10


Fortnite Content Update 10.0 has just been released, bringing Automatic Sniper Rifle Tilted Town to Battle Royale. Sticky notes arrived with permission from the Epic Games blog post.

Fortnite Content Update 10.0 Patch Notes
Battle Royale
Limited Time Mode Rotation:


Coming soon

Team Type: Solo | Respawning: Active

Work your way through all weapons, starting with a higher rarity and ending with a lower scarcity. The first player to get eliminated by winning the last weapon! Unlimited ammo is active, and players will drop material when they are eliminated.

Fortnite automatic sniper rifle update
Content Update ‘Fortnite’ 10.0 brings Automatic Sniper Rifles to Battle Royale. Sticky notes also display the addition of Tilted Town. ‘Fortnite’ is now available on PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC and cellular.
Weapons + Items

Automatic Sniper Rifle
Available in Rare, Epic and Legendary variants.
Use Medium Ammo.
Projectiles move faster than other Sniper Rifles.
Damage: 31/33/35
Headshot: 62/66/70
Four revolutions per second.
Sixteen Rounds per magazine.
Uses a reduced zoom scope.
Can be found from Floor, Chest, Vending Machines, Supply Drops and Loot Carriers.
Weapons that are not disabled that only appear in Tilted Town:
Double Barrel Shotgun
Epic and legendary variants.
Six Shooter
Uncommon, Rare and Epic variants.
Hunting Rifle
Variants are not common and rare.
Infantry Rifle
Common variant.
LTM Sky Showdown Station

Battle other squads to capture zones and score points. Shown on a large stage at the Fortnite World Cup Creative Final.
Junkyard Juke LTM

Featured at Fortnite’s Creative World Cup! It’s time to bring trash to the incinerator to receive points for your team. The more garbage, the more points!
Prefab Viking Village

This is the Viking invasion! Put a Nordic twist on your island with the latest Prefab.

Repair damage

The Save Volume measure for Volcano Island is restored. Note: the visual will still look like you are out of bounds when trying to build and edit on the outside edge.
Shelves & Galleries

The Seven Shelves of the New Viking Village
Viking ship
Viking Longhouse
Viking Armory
Viking Hut A
Viking Hut B
Viking Hut C
Viking enclosure
Three New Galleries
Viking Village Gallery
Prop Viking Village Gallery
Brown Cliff Snow Gallery

Repair damage

Guards carrying rocket launchers will damage the player now.
Save the world
Mission + System

Hit the Road continues!
Grab three other players and help Crackshot go to the Radio Station to play Song of the Summer in this travel adventure.
Introducing Crackshot weekly search.
Weapons + Items

The typewriter returns to the Event Store!
A medium range attack weapon with high capacity magazines and lateral kicks. Its shooting profile makes it ideal for cleaning up nearby enemy groups in mobile involvement.
Starting with a major addition to the update, Automatic Sniper Rifles act as an intermediary between AR and traditional scope weapons. Although it has coverage for precision targeting, it has lower damage output with a much faster reload time. Each of the four weapon variants has a slightly lower load time. With these statistics in mind, Automatic Snipers are also the first of its kind to pick up medium not heavy bullets.

Fortnite Content Update 10.0 also secretly introduces map changes, with Neo Tilted being changed to Tilted Town.

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